Project Proposal Due October 29, 2007.  The report should be 5-10 single-spaced project proposal, written individually or as a group that includes the following information:

–        The rationale for tackling the project that includes: a description of the project and what your outputs will be and how the project will be of value to your client (or institution).

–        Who do you anticipate your audience to be?

–        What tools do you need to complete the project?

–        What tools are needed that you don’t have?

–        What is your timeline for completing the project?

–        Who will do which tasks (if working in group, if not then this is a task analysis just for you)

–        A prototype flowchart showing higher level organization of your project

–        How will you evaluate the project outcomes?

–        How will you assure its long-term maintenance once you complete it?